My good friend Holly Nunan said it best via a post on Facebook yesterday.

So goddamn sad. I will be the first to say that it feels strange to be so emotional about someone I've never even met - someone I never truly knew, but it's just so incredibly heartbreaking to hear such tragic news about someone who touched so many of our lives. I am truly hoping that this man who brought so much laughter to so many has found his peace.

I sat at home last night grieving as if I knew this person. It's been a tough 24 hours for a lot of people. Depression is real. We all get bouts of it sometimes and maybe you say to yourself "I get depressed, but I'd never do that." There are different types and levels of depression. There is help for you, or a loved one that may need it. Click here for more info or call 800.273.TALK (8255)


To quote another friend on Facebook, Samantha Brown:

Depression isn't always being anti-social, crying in dark rooms, or saying sad things.
Sometimes... this is what depression looks like.

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Wins Academy Award for ‘Good Will Hunting’


1991 appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’


First appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’


2010 interview in which he talks about addiction and comedy


Performing at Comic Relief


Appearing on ‘Ellen’


2012 appearance on ‘The Late Show’


Its all fine and good to remember how talented he is , but I think it should be more on the compassionate side for the sorrow and depression he felt. Sometimes there are no words to say just how shitty we feel on the inside so we cover it with laughter and trying to be funny. ,maybe you have a friend that is hilarious all the time. Keep an eye on them. Depression has many faces. Maybe we should all take our clown masks off and have a damn good cry together . Depression doesn't only affect people with bipolar. Its a disease of society that under each persons circumstances it hides its ugly face. Let's do better in showing our support for Mental Illness. Doesn't mean your dangerous or that its contagious, it means that anyone at any given time can be affected by the circumstances of just trying to live the life they were given. Robin Williams was a genius just trying to find self worth in his life. What he found was a way out of the pain he experienced every day. No amount of fame or money can ease the misery that lies within. I do hope he's found some peace and relief on the other side. We will never forget you Mr.Williams.

-CYY Listnener Paula Smith Beaulieu