Late morning exactly one year ago, Rob was in a serious accident on his bike coming to work. Luckily he's still rockin' the airwaves. Check out the madness from a year ago!

For those unaware of this anniversary...

About a year ago today, I was on the CYY Patio eating courtesy BBQ with some of the other staff. About 5 minutes to noon, Robin interrupted my killer BBQ action and told me Rob wasn't here yet for his show. We were in the last days of the CYY 500 Countdown so we knew it has to be serious. Rob loves countdowns and he wouldn't miss this for the world!

I jumped on the air literally last minute to keep the countdown rolling. Word was he was in an accident on his bike getting to work. That's all we knew for a couple of hours. Those weren't good hours for us here. We knew nothing until about 2:30.

A box truck cut off Rob on Washington Ave. Rob flew over the handlebars of his bicycle, UNDER the box truck, UNDER the tires. He broke a lot. All of his ribs on the right, two on his left. He busted up his collarbone, hurt his pelvis and tailbone, punctured a lung and fractured his foot. I think that's about it. We were told that if he didn't have his helmet on, well, he wouldn't have still been with us.


Anyways, the most amazing thing was seeing Rob recoup in record time. It was the power of positive spirit people! He had it! Up vibes all the time with him. In a matter of a couple of weeks he was back on air (from his home) then back in the studio shortly after that! Crazy right?!

A year later, he still keeps a positive attitude and we're all pretty sure that was a major major factor to his recovery, let alone speedy recovery. It's a weird anniversary to celebrate, but we do it with happiness knowing that Rob's still with us and still rocks the airwaves and he still... loves some pretty putrid 80's bands.

(and since in wasn't mentioned and we don't want people to think Rob was losing his mind; the only reason why him and Spose had sombrero's on was because Margaritta's catered lunch that day to Rob's house. That and maaaaayyybe Spose was popping some lunch time tequila shots or something)

brett labelle photo

It's summer now and people are on bikes (of all kinds) more than ever. Please be careful if your're on a bike OR in a car driving around folks on bikes. EVERYONE needs to play it safe. We're lucky Rob can finish this CYY 500 this year. A year ago, things looked very rough for this guy. Be careful out there. Look out for each other people.

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