We've tried it all. Taking Tylenol before, during (not recommended, the combo is terrible for your liver) and after a night of drinking. Eating food before bed, a nice greasy breakfast, pounding mass amounts of water to the point where you're peeing every 15 minutes. They only known cure for hangovers, let's be honest, is time. Until now?

Scientists in Australia are standing behind the Asian pear as the best hangover remedy. However this remedy requires some planning, in the sense that you need to eat one BEFORE you get sh*tfaced.  They found people who ate a pear or drank pear juice prior had very mild hangovers, less memory loss, and less trouble concentrating.

Asian pears look almost like apples, but they are very similar to the pears we there's a good chance ours will work to fight the good fight too. I'd be happy to test that out. Now the question is, where do we get Asian pears?