Aside from the game, what did you think of the commercials last night? At $4 million a pop, it appears a lot of people were scratching their heads. Although I thought there were some decent commercials to keep us entertained between plays, most didn't blow me away. Here are four highlights for me.

Starting off with a mini Seinfeld reunion. It was great to see Jerry, George and Newman together again. It was almost as if I was watching an unseen episode of Seinfeld. Those three guys have aged quite well. This commercial was to promote Jerry's new web series "Comedian's In Cars Getting Coffee" that can be seen on online channel Crackle.

Budweiser has taken the sentimental route over the past few years with their Superbowl ads. There were a couple of good ones that appeared last night during the big game. Including some Budweiser mascots, The Clydesdales.

This one featured a home town surprise salute for a soldier returning home.

This was well done. Anyone that grew up in the 80's can appreciate this. Smart move on the part of Radio Shack as well. With the big boys like Best Buy around, they have been a secondary source for years. They are attempting to market themselves as a 'now' store and even took a little jab at themselves in the process. Enjoy your trip back to the 80's in this 30 second spot.