Not even five years ago, seltzer water was not my thing. I had no interest whatsoever. Attempting to cut down on the calories, I started mixing it with vodka as opposed to tonic water. It was a healthier alternative and cut down quite a bit on the calorie intake, actually about by about 100 as seltzer water is sugar and calorie free.

I wasn't drinking as much water as I wanted to so I started drinking it as a water substitute. Although it's not actual water, it's better than diet coke or other soda's. I started drinking generic flavors like cranberry lime, lemon etc. Then I noticed new seasonal flavors coming around. Pomegranite Sangria for the Summer, along with Ginger Lemonade, Cucumber Melon etc. Sound weird or gross even? Nope, quite enjoyable and refreshing!

Pictured above, the Winter/Holiday line up. I'm a fan of all four. They go great with vodka, or by themselves. So it's not an actual piece of chocolate cream pie but a pretty healthy, hydrating alternative. For having 100% natural flavors, I'm pretty impressed.