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My CYY Favorites '05-'16
As I plan to leave my full time spot on the radio station this week, I've been looking back at some of the tunes and bands that busted out during my 11 year run at CYY.
CYY Favorites 05-16
Part one in a series of some of my favorite CYY tunes during my 11 years time at the station.
Cats Vs. Cucumbers [VIDEO]
It's simple.... cats are apparently scared of cucumbers if you didn't know. I didn't and this video montage is fascinating me for some reason. Humoring me greatly too of course.
VH-1 Dumps That Metal Show??
So... you decide to stop producing the ONLY thing people have cared to watch on your channel for umpteen years? Read about it here!
Do You Know About The Residents? You Should! [VIDEO}
This Wednesday at Space Gallery the documentary about the art fueled / music art fueled collective known as The Residents will be shown. You should check it out! See the trailer right here to begin the mind blowing phase...
Cage the Elephant at CYY in '10
It was way way back on album #1 that we hung out with Cage the Elephant in Portland. We have the pictures to prove it too!
Who's Your Fav In Star Wars
Time to pick! Who's your favorite in the new Star Wars movie? Check out these cool interviews too that Fandango did with some of the cast members too!
Elders Watch Slipknot Videos
We know that us as adults, parents, elders of the future will be a bit more open minded than the generations before us, but it's still nice to see some older folks who just ain't haven't it!
Portland Parking Ban Tonight? Really?
We're set to get 1-3" of snow tonight. Is that parking ban material? Here's a link to all the info you need to know if you're planning to be in town Tuesday night!
Bowie Is Everything
I'm still processing this, but here's where I'm at, at least for now. Some quick initial thoughts and a cool collection of videos, interviews and etc.
Maybe the GREATEST Brew Related Movie Ever [VIDEO]
Recently I talked with someone about a classic 80's movie. It's a comedy classic and when it comes to beer, it might be THE most classic. This person had no clue about these guys or the movie. So for that person and any of you other 9 year olds out there.....