Deflategate? Spygate? Are you as sick as I am hearing about how the Patriots cheat to win? The remedy against trolls is here my friends.

A new website has been launched and has been an overnight sensation. It's called and gives a factual, comprehensive list of the various ways that ALL 32 NFL teams have attempted to cheat. If you're a Patriots fan, you know Jets and Giants fans seem to be the loudest trolls, so here's a couple of highlights from


NY Jets: Did you know the Jets got caught for doing the same exact video taping practices as the Patriots, except one year earlier? Oh and they were never penalized for it. I guess it helps that the Jets stunk and all that videotaping OBVIOUSLY led to a huge competitive advantage. HA!


NY Giants: You'll hear from Giants fans all the time how the team has won everything know except that 2001 season when they were using legit CIA eavesdropping equipment to listen in on the offensive and defensive coordinators of the opposing teams DURING PLAYOFF GAMES. Seems fair. What was their penalty? Nothing.


You could get lost in this website for hours and be truly amazed at how often and how many times other teams in the NFL has blatantly cheated and not been trudged through the mud like the Patriots. Better watch out haters!