If you've ever wondered if there was some secret trick that would enable you to drink everything you wanted but avoid ending up a staggering waste case? Well, apparently there is.

A lot of people, beer fans in particular, will recognize the name Jim Koch. He has pretty familiar face too as he's made several trips up to Maine and visited with the public He's also been in a bunch of commercials for Sam Adams as he’s the chairman and co-founder of the Boston Beer Company (which makes Sam Adams).

Is Jim a beer drinker? Well yes, in fact he drinks A LOT of beer. And he recently spoke with Esquire about how he manages to stay on top of things in a (relatively) sober way, even after drinking enough beer to make any normal human woozy or even downright sloshed. At one point in the interview, he offered up this highly intriguing nugget of wisdom:

“You wanna know my secret? How I can drink beer all night long and never get drunk?”

The answer might surprise you: yeast.

Fleischmanns yeast

Interesting huh? A teaspoon of your standard dry yeast per beer, and you will be able to throw back pint after pint and not end up face down on the bathroom floor later or waking up to several drunken texts in your sent folder.

You're probably curious as to how yeast lessens the effects of alcohol. It’s a somewhat complicated chemical process, but the basics go like this: Yeast has a particular enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH), which is just like what your liver uses to break down alcohol. So, if your stomach already has that enzyme in it when the alcohol arrives, the process of breaking down the alcohol will start much earlier, before it has a chance to get into your bloodstream (which is how you get drunk).

Does this practice actually work? A lot of times I will drink the beer in my hand a lot faster than I need to. Why? Because it's in my hand and I subconsciously do 12 oz. curls until it's gone. This is an experiment I would like to try.