One of the key jobs of a door person/bouncer is to check IDs and make sure people are of age before entering a 21+ establishment. The place in the Old Port that might be the most infamous for spotting fakes is one of the Old Port's oldest sports bars, Fore Play Sports Pub. The longtime bar on Fore Street had Andy Daigle at the door 4 nights a week for over sixteen years. "Daigle" was so good at catching fakes that Fore Play became known as the place to not even try. Daigle was ready for a change and moved on a couple of years ago. Owner Bob Waitkevich trained his new door guys to do the same thing. Can anyone spot what's wrong here? Scroll down to see the answer if you can't spot them for yourself.






I'm not a professional with Maine State IDs but I'm pretty sure Biddiford is actually spelled Biddeford. Also, take note of the eye color. Black? How many times this person got into bars using this is unknown but the legacy of Fore Play is still in effect. Have a fake ID? Spare yourself the embarrassment, it's not gonna work.