It's funny! No it's mean. But it's kinda funny. No it's so mean. But funny too. No...! If you've ever watched Jimmy Kimmel, you know about the heartache and humor of these videos! 


For some years now, Jimmy Kimmel has encouraged parents to allow America to have a a great big laugh at the expense of their children's feelings!

If you haven't seen any of these videos, basically a parent will tell their child or children that they ate all of their Halloween candy, which in return allows for a reaction of sorts by the children.

Like JJ here!

JJ and his dad live in South Portland. Just after this year's Halloween, Josh thought he'd have some fun with JJ and maybe see if the Kimmel show would bring his video on for national exposure. Well, it didn't make the Kimmel show, but he did have some fun with JJ. You can enjoy that fun at little JJ's expense, right here!