It's not breaking news, but it is some solid confirmation, the people of Maine are terrifically enthusiastic about marijuana. The good folks over at put together the map pictured above based on several different factors and the results show that Maine has a lot of wide smiles when you bring up marijuana.

The factors Estately used to come to their conclusions were:

1. The amount of people who report using marijuana in the state.

2. The average cost of high end and low end marijuana.

3. How often people in the state Google marijuana-related searches.

4. The legal status of marijuana within state borders as well a city ordinances.

5. Overall Facebook interest in marijuana-related publications.

When those 5 factors are combined, Maine rolled in as the 5th most weed-enthusiastic state in the country. It hardly comes as a surprise that Colorado, the reigning champion of breaking down the weed walls, is the most marijuana enthusiastic state in the country. Washington, Oregon and New Mexico are the 3 states that round out the top 5 before Maine checks in. Shocking to some might come the revelation that Maine is more enthusiastic than Vermont about marijuana. Did somebody inform Ben and Jerry's?

Check out all the detailed findings here courtesy of Estately's article here.