Kevin James

‘Pixels’ Trailer: It’s On Like Donkey Kong
Lately there haven't been many video game movies that have been very good. There also haven't been many Adam Sandler movies that have been very good. So, how about this Adam Sandler video game movie?... Wait, where are you going?! Pixels is not your standard Adam Sandler or video game movi…
That Was a Heck of a Week!
Runnin all around the Northeast for comedy, Celtics and Hollywood. 'Twas a cool week last week for me. Here's a quick journal of my journey.
Kevin James Coming to Portland [VIDEO]
The King of Queens in Portland in October! I'm so excited I could release personal fluids at a fast pace! Join in my glee will you? GLEE, I said GLEE. Anyways, check out some of Kevin's best work!