The Center For Grieving Children

Here Is the Incredible Playlist From All 5 Days of Markathon 2017
The coolest thing about Markathon is that we throw the usual CYY playlist out the window and let you program the radio station with your requests and donations. It really is the best week of radio in Portland every year! Every genre, every era, great songs and horribly great songs all make it on th…
Markathon Raises $62,000
A new CYY Markathon record! $62,000. THANK YOU AND SWEET DREAMS MARK CURDO!
Here's why Mark does what he does
555 Forest Avenue
Portland, Maine 04101
North Parish Congregational Church, UCC
893 Main Street
Sanford, ME 04073
Markathon 6 – Day 4 – Hour 70!!!
It's Markathon - Day 4 - Hour 70!!! We're raising money for The Center Grieving Children. Donate now and Mark will play a song for you! Quiet Riot, Spice Girls, Barry Manilow and Willie Nelson - some of the songs you're hearing!
Markathon 6 – Day 3 – Hour 46!!!
Markathon 6 - Day 3!!! 56 Hours To Go!!! The phones are ringing and the requests are coming in! KC and the Sunshine Band, Sanford and Son into Good Times into the Jeffersons TV theme songs - WOW!, Paul McCartney, Jerry Reed - any song you want!