Popular Panhandling Median In Portland Removed By City
If you're traveling into Portland from outer Congress St, chances are you've encountered a panhandler at the intersection of St. John St. and Congress. That may change in the near future due to the removal of perhaps the most popular median for panhandling in the entire city...
Fun With Traffic: Portland To Close Major Artery State St For Three Weeks
Anytime you hear that the city of Portland is preparing to close a major artery for multiple weeks, you can hear the screams and cries from commuters in the distance. But, as it turns out, that's exactly what Portland plans to do. According to the Portland Press Herald, the city will close State St …
The World’s Worst Intersection
Next time you start to complain about the circle in Sanford or any point on Forest Avenue in Portland or that crazy area around Roy's Hamburger out in Auburn; watch this first. We ain't so bad around here!