Best of 2013! Top 50 Albums of the Year!
We made our picks for the Best of CYY 2013! I'm very happy with my favorite albums, songs and shows from this year. There are a lot of lists out there - see how ours compare to the Top 50 Albums of 2013 from Rolling Stone Magazine.
Markathon 6 – Day 4 – Hour 70!!!
It's Markathon - Day 4 - Hour 70!!! We're raising money for The Center Grieving Children. Donate now and Mark will play a song for you! Quiet Riot, Spice Girls, Barry Manilow and Willie Nelson - some of the songs you're hearing!
Markathon 6 – Day 3 – Hour 46!!!
Markathon 6 - Day 3!!! 56 Hours To Go!!! The phones are ringing and the requests are coming in! KC and the Sunshine Band, Sanford and Son into Good Times into the Jeffersons TV theme songs - WOW!, Paul McCartney, Jerry Reed - any song you want!
Markathon – On The Air!!!
Markathon is on CYY right now!... and goes thru Friday! It's for such a great cause - to raise money and awareness for The Center For Grieving Children. Make a donation and get your song on the radio.
Patriots Win!!! An Inspiring Lesson To Stay Positive!
The Patriots game against the Broncos is a lesson in motivation - for them and us. They didn't give up. Sometimes when the going gets tough, we feel like throwing in the towel. The Pats taught us a lesson - keep trying, stay positive - the whole way through - it will pay off…

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