Wagoner, OK Police Dept

Even teachers are nervous on the first day of school, this one allegedly calmed her butterflies by haulin off a bottle of vodka in the parking lot before school.

This whole story is quite humorous, and confusing to me. Lori Hill, was a new hire as a teacher at Wagoner High School in Wagoner, Oklahoma. She was arrested Monday after being found drunk AND without pants in a classroom. Sorry kids, no Miss Vaughn from Billy Madison here! Click here for the local Fox News report.

She was drunk and yes clothes come off from time to time after copious amounts of booze but pants off, lady? Really? In a classroom with students?

It's not clear what kind of discipline she will face from the school.

She isn't the only teacher whose school year has gotten off to a rocky start. A middle school teacher in Georgia has been fired after students found naked selfies of her and then shared them to social media.