File this under "so you thought you've seen everything, huh?". A 16-year old driver from Maine nearly turned their car vertical after an accident with a utility pole. 

Well this is a little embarrassing! According to the Bangor Daily News, a 16-year old from Freedom, Maine was backing out of their driveway on Friday afternoon when she misjudged where she was, and ended up backing the car up a utility pole wire instead. The resulting photo is one of the more ridiculous ones you'll see.

Thankfully the operator of the vehicle was not hurt. However the Ford Focus she was driving has undoubtedly seen better days. The photos were snapped when a deputy from the Waldo County Sheriff's Office happened to see the accident taking place.

That leaves two surprising outcomes to this accident. One, that the teenage driver was able to back their car up a utility pole cable to almost a vertical standstill. Two, that the utility pole cable was able to withstand that pressure and weight without coming down.

The result is a highly embarrassing photo for the teen and a nice reminder that drivers education is pretty important. For now let's caption this photo like this, the car is facing down towards the ground so....

Highway to hell?

Waldo County Sheriff's Office