Fresh off of a record Markathon where you all helped Mark raise $43,000 for the Center for Grieving Children, it's nice to see the spirit of the season continue in so many ways. This one isn't necessarily holiday specific though. Maybe you've heard of Seth Collins? He's also known as The Big Tipper. A little over a year ago after his brother passed away, he's been hittin' up local restaurants around the country and leaving $500 tips. His brother wrote in his will that he wanted his family to have a nice dinner in his name, and leave a really big tip. Seth has since taken it to the next level and has tipped big 82 times. The first video went viral.

The most recent lucky server was Emily Young, who works at Flatbread down on the waterfront on Commercial Street. Click here to read more.

Now if I could just bump into the local Santa that likes to hand out $100 bills to random strangers this time of year, over and over again, I could replace my transmission in my vehicle! Them ain't cheap.