CYY and Bingas Stadium are throwing a post Valentine’s Day bash on Saturday February 15th. This party will be packed with something for everyone including live music, beer pong, other games and prizes. It’s a “Stoplight Party” theme; so wear GREEN if you’re available, YELLOW if options are open or RED if you’re taken. Get it?!? Get your tickets here.

Doors open at 8.  Grab some food upstairs at Bingas while checkin' out live tunes from the band Walken Horse, formerly JB5. The party ramps up at 10 with a live set downstairs from SPOSE! After Spose does his thing, the DJ will play dance music for you to party all night, with more live music upstairs from Walken Horse.

The Stoplight Party is a fun way take guess work out of finding love, or at least a companion for the night!

Get tickets here, now, for just 10 bucks in advance. Tix available at the door for 13. Don’t miss it!