You'd think the ex California Governor and Hollywood legend would have better things to do than freak people out. Nope! 

It's funny cause when you see wax museums or exhibits or statues of wax people, you THINK you know it's not real - but you're always looking close. You still take a close peek. Cause of the workmanship? Yeaahhh. Maybe. Really though, you're in shock (when it's a well done figure) and you are just making sure. Haa. Admit it.

Now there's no question in ALMOST every case that it's not the person. Especially in the case of say Humphrey Bogart or Charlie Chaplin (cause they gone y'all), but in this case my friends... people's doubts lead to briefly frightened embarrassment. Thankfully for us! Watch how Schwarzenegger tricks some people and probably blew the mind of the other Terminator impressionist he bumped into on the street. This is a pretty cool video!