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We go back to 2002 with these Chicago boys. They played the CYY Holiday Bizarre at the State Theatre with Audiovent, 6gig and Rocktopus. They're debut single "Get Over It" was a hit at the time. Does anyone have any video from that show? Post it on our Facebook page if you do!

When OK Go releases a new video, you stop what you're doing and watch! These guys have become known for making very creative, and often low budget videos. I get excited when a new one comes out. You gotta hand it to these guys, in a day in age where videos are secondary and often overlooked, OK Go still manages to garner millions of YouTube hits. Check out their latest:

I love the fact that most of their videos are all done in one shot, pretty impressive! The video for "Here It Goes Again" won a Grammy for Video of the Year in 2007. Here's a montage of some pretty solid work created by the band over the past decade, along with the producers they've gotten involved.






Here's the band performing for some CYY listeners in Studio Y back in 2010.