Switching from 6pm to 6am sounded like a hell of change, but a year later it seems like it's worked out ok! Thanks to YOU all. 

A year ago I woke up maybe earlier than I've ever risen before. Why would I do such a crazy thing!!??

I grew up listening to some of the best radio in the world coming out of Boston. My favorite was the Lauren & Wally Morning Show. I still don't think anyone, anywhere touches that show. They're still on today too! I listened to them all the way way back in junior high school until left for college! They're still funny as ever and still killing it every morning in Boston. This time though, it was my turn. So on August 5th 2013, I moved to the other side of the broadcast clock (which used to be a 6pm start time for me)  and I wished a good morning to Lauren & Wally, my new friends on the different side of the clock and the CYY Morning Show.. Show was underway. It's been a great run so far.

What can I say! Sure I miss sleeping in, but you folks in the morning have made it worth while to get my ass up out of bed and slap some stuff together to help you get your day going. Before we get year #2 rolling, lets take a quick peek at the past year shall we? (If you have other things to do, that's cool too)

Our good buddy Kurt Baker was my Friday guest host for the first few months. Kurt would go on to bring his musical talents and Haribo Gummy Bears to Spain, where he'd made a name for himself over the years in the music scene. Most of us figured Kurt would be back in a month or two tops.... he's still over there! Doing great, dating hot Spanish chicks and he even started another band in aside from his solo stuff.

With Kurt gone, I had to find another to join me on Fridays to kick off the weekend. Who better than the "King of Maine", a CYY favorite son, a CYY freak since 95' and the owner of the biggest single ever to come out of the State of Maine (of course "I'm Awesome"). Armed with at least 2-3 large Dunkin Ice Coffees, Friday's have been a blast with Spose!

nesn twitter

At the start of the Bruins 2013-14 Season, the NESN Bruins team came by with the Black and Gold Tour to visit the CYY Morning Show.. Show. Months later in the Cup Playoffs we'd all would throw air fists at our TV's as the B's got smacked around like bullies during recess by the Canadians!

On Mondays, we come out of a busy box office weekend. People love to go to the movies on the weekends, so I brought on board a movie/TV/pop culture/comic book nut and a good Portland local friend; Gerald Walker.

Local Music Connected has been a great new way to support and promote local music; something CYY does better than ANYONE, ANYWHERE. During this past year and so far, we had visits from The Ghost of Paul Revere, KGFREEZE, Sygnal To Noise, Toughcats and Endless Jags. Looking forward to many, many more local visits on the Show.. Show.

It was nice to see S.L.A.M the local arm of the world of Lady's Arm Wrestling pop by for a visit. These girls have a lot of fun, kick much ass and help raise some money at the same time at their events. I tried hard not to piss any of them off during their time with me.

As you know the CYY Morning Show.. Show runs on Dunkin. Every now and then we run into Cuppy himself! Herself. I haven't figured that one out yet. I look forward to running into Arnold Palmer sometime too! Man I love those Arnold Coolata's! Hot damn they good!!

I caught wind of this 12 yr. old drummer from Windham, Tyler Briggs. I posted his video on our FB page and you people went NUTS for it. So we had him in on the Show.. Show with me to play live drums in the studio! Great kid, great family. The future of local music seems secure and bright with talented kids like Tyler!

dr. sadie

We've had great special guests stop by and phone into the Show.. Show like comedians Bob Marley and Owen Benjamin and of course self pleasuring coach, Dr. Sadie. That was fun...when she called... yeah that was cool. Lotta fun and really cool and stuff.

Earlier this year I finally accomplished something I've wanted to do for years; Curl! If you remember around the time of the games of the Olympic.. uh, games, we had the good Dr. Jeffrey Dutch on the phone with us for Curling reports live from the Belfast Curling Club here in Maine! After a string of comprehensive and entertaining calls with the Doc (maybe painful calls to others), I made it up to Belfast and began my stellar career of semi-awful Curling.

But the best part has really been you all listening to the Show.. Show and meeting up with so many cool people. Thanks a lot for being so good to me the past year. It's not easy listening to just one person in the morning on radio I'm sure. We're all so used to morning show gangs/crews, hardy har har stuff. I'm ok with keeping it simple if you are? You, me, some friends and the music. What else do you want in the morning!?!

Oh and the Celtics score too! We've gotta have those.