Today is the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination. A lot of stories are about conspiracy theories, JFK's extracurricular activities, and his legacy - but let's talk about the President and his Cuban cigars. How did he get his big supply right before signing the Embargo? The real story is amazing!

Hi, it's Trent, JFK loved a good Cuban cigar - can you blame him - they are awesome. His cigar of choice was the Petit H. Upmann. I've smoked this cigar many times . Once you've tried it, it's hard to go without it - and JFK was not going to go without his favorite cigar.

How it all went down the night before JFK signed the embargo. Read all about it hear - JFK Scores His Cuban Cigar Stash!

Kennedy's Press Secretary, Pierre Salinger, was given the task of buying over 1000 cigars for the President. He gives a first hand account in this video - JFK's 1200 Cuban Cigars!

*Note - JFK's band-aid is from hitting his head on a desk playing with Caroline - True Story