There is a group effort in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to honor the legendary rocker in the town he was born in.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire seems to be stuck between a wild past that many fondly remember and a more "upscale" kind of community that others want to build.

Those in love with the wild side of the seacoast town are looking for ways to keep the arts and culture alive in a town they see changing too fast. There is the Keep Portsmouth Loud, there is the battle over entertainment at Prescott Park and the constant battle against expensive condos creeping into the downtown.

One man that most all of these rebels can rally under is the late Ronnie James Dio. The rock legend and the mastermind behind the "metal horns" has become something of a symbol for seacoast artists looking to maintain what they think makes Portsmouth special.

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Dio, who was born in Portsmouth, is now the center of a construction plan concocted by a local fan and brought to light by another group of music fans.

Brian Kelly, Director of Marketing and Development at The Seacoast Repertory Theatre, has helped bring the idea of a shrine to Dio in the South End of Portsmouth after creating a petition that quickly caught the public's attention.

Now there is a GoFundMe page to fund the construction that already has over $1,000 pledged towards its $50,000 goal.

Before going viral, the idea to build a Ronnie James Dio statue was already being developed by local Aaron Fournier. Now it has become a collaborative effort between Fournier and other music fans in the area who want to make this happen.