Last week the official Police Facebook paged plugged my interview with Andy Summers of the Police. This week, they're at it again! 

Some of you will remember just before my interview with Police guitarist Andy Summers last week, the Police's Official Facebook page posted and mention about it all. Urging Police fans and "likers" to listen to Spinout with me on CYY for my chat with Andy. That was... insane to see. I mean, it's the Police! They don't have to do a damn thing. They did though and that's some serious professionalism, class and effort really.

(Bands out there, take some notice. THE POLICE posted about their interview on WCYY. THE friggin POLICE! Next time radio, print, web or tv sound the alarm about your music; best to support them tenfold. Just a suggestion. It doesn't go overlooked)

The night of Andy's interview I had a bunch of cool things up on that fans and listeners could click on including a poll asking people what their favorite Police album. The Police Facebook page just posted that link too!

DAMN! They love them some CYY! The feeling is more than mutual.

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