In preparation for the interview I'm doing with Andy Summers of the Police on Thursday on Spinout, I was getting ready to hit Facebook with some promo. Someone beat me to it though... The Police themselves! See for yourself!! 

I can't say how awesome this was to see this (below) last night on the CYY Facebook page. I mean, as a radio DJ, sure I was pumped up. As a life long, heavy duty music fan though and someone who puts this band up in my top TOP favorites of all time... this had my jaw drop. It dropped jaws of many others too.

The Police (and certainly proper social media helpers on their team) took to the Facebook world and beyond yesterday by announcing to Police fans worldwide that guitarist, Andy Summers would be phoning into Spinout with me tomorrow night.


I mean... dude!!!?!!!!

There's local and indie bands that don't even promote their appearances on Spinout sometimes. THIS IS THE FRIGGIN POLICE!!! They don't need to do a damn thing, ever again. They are one of the greatest bands in the history of the world, without argument. Yet they promoted Andy's phoner with me to all of the Police fans worldwide. That's pretty classy, professional and extremely appreciated by CYY and me.

Be sure to listen out to Spinout Thursday 9/24 8-10pm for my conversation with Andy Summers about his new Police Documentary, Can't Stand Losing You and about his new solo record Metal Dog AND about his many years vacationing in Maine??