So this weekend was a mixed bag for me. It wasn't at full strength awesome, but close. I did see Metric at the State Theatre on Saturday. They were great. Haven't seen them since their last trip to Portland about 3+ years ago. Band is great, songs are great, but Emily steals the show in such a quiet, possibly unbeknonwst way. Every guy (and most of the girls nudge nudge wink wink) couldn't stop watching her all night. Shes a great cross blend of cool, sexy, hot, talented, mysterious, dark, indie glamorous... did I mention cool and sexy already? Anyways, I think they could mess around and become one of the best bands out there in the alternative world. You never know. Did I mention Emily? The cool and sexyness?


I bought some records, cause you know, I need more and I had some time off. Found some cool record platters from The Kinks, Husker Du, Dead Boys and Bobbie Gentry to add to my collection. With each record or CD purchased every day of my life; I feel like I'm adding another piece to the puzzle to complete the person I am. Always hard to find those damn corner pieces though!!  

What else... Celtics stunk, got my weekly haircut/shave. I'm also ignoring a family member's Facebook friend request. Its kind of weirding me out a bit. One of those relatives where you're like... "um, do we really need to do this?".

Thats about it. Oh and I worked most of Sunday. That was wicked awesome!

Hope your weekend was filled with Saturday and a Sundae.