Slide The City was set to happen in Portland this summer, has officially been canceled by the company.


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According to the Portland Press Herald, Slide The City, the company that was set to bring a 1,000 foot water slide to downtown Portland, has pulled the plug on the event without any clear explanation. The City of Portland was set to close off Franklin Arterial on August 1st so that Slide The City could set up a giant water slide for one day as a novelty. Portland City Councilors expected a tourism boost around the event.

The Utah based company released a statement about the cancellation that vaguely described a need to attract more vendors and local businesses to the event in order to give it a "festival feel". Slide The City said in their statement that they expect to return to Portland next year for the event.

Read their full statement and reactions from Portland City Council members here courtesy of the Portland Press Herald.