Maine has some great schools with some amazing teachers, but have you ever wondered what schools rank the best? We did some digging and found the 6 highest ranked school in Portland. 

We took a look at public schools for all grades in Maine's largest city to find out how they rank based on how well students do on standardized tests compared to other students in Maine. We took the public data provided by Great Schools.

Here's how the top 5 for Portland shook out. Remember that if your school doesn't make the list, that doesn't mean they did anything wrong.

#1. Longfellow Elementary School

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Longfellow Elementary has an excellent reputation according to one reviewer: "We moved into the neighborhood because of its walkability and the reputation of Longfellow. We've loved walking the kids to school and the feeling in the halls of the school of acceptance and caring. The educational experience has been great, all the teachers we have had were committed and caring and taught to the kids' interests and skills. I did not feel they "teach to the test" or that they discouraged kids from thinking freely. "

#2. Harrison Lyseth Elementary School

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Tucked away off of Auburn Street in Portland, the Lyseth school gets praise from a reviewer for the students: "Lyseth is a wonderful school in a great community. The teachers are some of the best in the state of Maine. The student body is extremely welcoming and supportive of each other which contributes to a great environment for learning."

#3. King Middle School

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A student at King Middle School said it best in their review: "I attend King, and I love it. I think expeditionary learning is the best way to learn because everybody really gets involved and cares about what they are doing. We are learning about things that are relevant today, not just what a bunch of dead guys thought of."

#4. Casco Bay High School

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One of over 150 Expeditionary Learning schools in the country, Casco Bay High School ranked fourth in Portland. A reviewer writes: "The inventive, interactive and relevant learning approaches and the caring, attentive environment cannot be beat. The teachers and administrators know kids. They are the most passionate and hardest working professionals you'll find in the business."

#5. Lyman Moore Middle School

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Lyman Moore Middle School sits right next to Lyseth Elementary on Auburn Street and also gets high marks from this parent: "My daughter is just finishing up three wonderful years at Lyman-Moore and I could not be happier. Her teachers have gone above and beyond in providing her with very creative and challenging work. She definitely has been well prepared for a vigorous honors program at high school. I highly recommend this school."

#6. Portland High School

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Portland High School is one of the oldest public high schools in the country and is on the National Register of Historic Places. One reviewer writes: "Portland High School is a beautiful school, really niche architecturally, set in the heart of downtown Portland Maine. It is culturally rich, diverse, and they give a lot to the community. Our kids were very well prepared for college when they graduated! Thanks PPHS!"

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