As we head towards 4th of July weekend and an influx of tourists, treat yourself to a preview of what fun we could witness over the holiday.



Found this gem on YouTube and it just made me think of how damn fun people watching can be. There's pretty much zero info on who this guy is, and that might be for the best. It's hard to focus on just the guy dressed up incognito. Check out the sweet moves on the other guy, is this an impromptu dance off that nobody was aware of? I'll admit that I've made an ass out of myself a time or two in Old Orchard Beach...maybe it's the ocean air?

As the long weekend rolls in, Mainers always know we can expect an whole host of new characters at our favorite destinations. Whether they be parks, concerts, or in this case, on the lookout for some ridiculous people doing ridiculous things.

So what's up, ready for that dance off this weekend?