So... I guess you thought when the other guys finally stepped up 6 weeks later and did their part in our studio to be somewhat professional and cool about the trash situation; that its now all good. That what you thought?

The studio is in tip top right?! No more worries. The fellas learned that they need to do their obvious part to keep things together a little bit and not think Mark will do it all, everytime. You thought we made a breakthrough didn't you? Well, you'd be a top shelf idiot.

Seems someone in the mid day time period yesterday.... oh, and let me just remind you of how the lay of the land works here each day...  


MARK 6am-Noon.. ROB Noon-6pm.. TAG TEAM BUDDIES 6pm-12

Ok, so someone during the mid-day had a sushi fest in the studio. Raw fish for miles. I'm not a fan myself, but I saw the layout and it was gigantic and magnificent. Someone visited us here so there was enough for for like 4 people basically. Now, one might think that if that was YOUR feast, YOUR lunch, YOUR stuff... you would clean it up. Right? You'd dispose of whats your and your guests right? Not how it works here folks as you saw by the trash scenerio recently.

Nope, that stuff is still in there. Last night, the guys who's names I can't remember who come in at night and talk about wrestling on the air for hours and hours basically overlooked the mess and decided not to throw it out. Not their problem I guess. See? Teamwork! So I get in today and its SushiPalooza. Smells so awesome in here too. Wet stuff on the table, uneaten sushi in the bag which could have been easily picked up and thrown out in the kitchen, but nope its stays.... and stay it will.

WE WILL learn from the trash scenerio folks. Radio bit? It was for about 5 minutes sure, but its just being a decent human being isn't it? Doing your part. I guess the afternoon staff's part was just enjoying the sushi, making a mess and leaving that mess for us all to appreciate and admire. Well, admire this my friends. Would you want this left at your work area?