Here's how things went down on this day in 2004. Perhaps a couple songs you forgot about? There were a couple that graced the CYY airwaves today for the first time since....well, probably 2004.


  • We had a little unknown band with a huge New Wave 80's-esque sound called Stellatstar, their song My Coco was played on CYY this afternoon for probably the first time in ten years.



  • Muse was not the touring arena band that they are today back in 2004. That wouldn't happen until they released their monster album "Black Holes And Revelations" in 2006.



  • Godsmack was trying the acoustic thing. The first single from the EP "The Other Side" was Running Blind.



  • Modest Mouse had been around for a bit but broke into the mainstream in 2004 with their album "Good News for People Who Love Bad News". Their biggest hit to date was #4 on this day a decade ago.



  • Shinedown was also a baby band at the time. This was right around the time the band stopped by the CYY studio on a radio promo tour. They stopped by the station and played a couple tunes. Then we went to the Dry Dock and for lobster and listened to former bassist Brad tell dirty jokes. It's been very fun watching this band grow over the years and get the recognition they deserve. The voice on Brent is unreal!