Ten years ago today, these were the most requested songs on the CYY top 5 at 5. Unfortunately, as it happens often, some of these have drifted off into the land of forgotten.

5. Story of the Year! We had a lot of good times with these cats over the years. They're still out there doin' it.

4. Does anyone still rock this Darkness record? It's solid from front to back! We wore it out here in the office back in '04.

3. Maggots love their Slipknot. Corey pushes his fingers into his eyes, it's the only thing that relieves the pain! How hardcore is that?

2. With the tragic death of MCA, it's looking unlikely that the Beastie Boys will perform again. I guess you never know though. Hard to believe there last 'hit' was 10 years ago...

1. This one still stands the test of time. It was written by Shaun from Seether, with vocals later added by then girlfriend Amy Lee of Evanescence. Looking forward to having the band visit CYY tomorrow morning!