Primitive Radio Gods are a band from Southern California that we didn't hear much from after their one hit. Other than it being the longest song title to ever be in rotation on CYY, (I'd have to double check my facts, but pretty sure that's a safe bet) it was one of the bigger songs of '96.  It was a unique song for the time and manage to have multi-format, mainstream success. This piano-driven ballad was laid over a hop hop back beat that sampled sampled BB King's "How Blue Can You Get." The song originally appeared on the soundtrack to The Cable Guy and later landed on their debut album "Rocket."

This one brings me right back to Summer of '96. I had just graduated high school and couldn't of have been happier about it. Dishwalla "Counting Blue Cars", Oasis "Don't Look Back In Anger", and No Doubt "Don't Speak" were all getting heavy play...back in the Summer Of '96 (see what I did there?)