I was a sophomore in high school in North Conway, NH. It was a weekday after school. My friend Mark Seavey and I were at the mall, when one of our schoolmates told us the news.

Keep in mind this was before the internet, never mind cellphones. I quickly dropped a quarter in a payphone to call the radio station I worked for to see if it was true. After confirmation, we drove to the radio station to talk about it and pay tribute the best way we knew how. Here's a band that blew up so big, they were crossing over to multi-radio formats including 40. Yes weird to think I was playing Smells Like Teen Spirit and their huge top 40 hit All Apologies, alongside Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson and Salt-N-Pepa.

It's hard to rap my head around this whole 20 years things. Where would that band be today? Would there have ever been a Foo Fighters? Lots of questions come to mind as we remember Kurt this weekend. Where were you when you heard the news?