Well the results are in on the Top YouTube Videos of the Year. Find yourself spending way too much time on YouTube? You're not alone. I'm apparently in that category as I just realized I've seen most of these. I'm not sure why the NFL Bad Lip Reading montage makes me nearly pee myself every time I see it, but it does.

Speaking of having accidents in your pants, I'm pretty sure at least one or two people that were victims of Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise had to go run to the nearest department store for a fresh pair of undies.

Also, say what you want about The Fox but I think it's hilarious. It is in fact "so stupid" as I've heard a lot, but sometimes stupid things make you laugh. It was very well done and you gotta hand it to Ylvis for garnering 280 million YouTube hits, in three months.

YouTube put together a really cool synopsis of 2013. Watch it below: