After a long road of re-coup from an accident that almost took his life (and did take the life of one of his friends), Tracy Morgan presented the final award at the Emmys last night. Click here to see it if you missed it. 


It's unreal to think of that horrific accident Morgan was in not quite two years ago. A tractor trailer smashing into his limo van hurting multiple people and killing one of his main writers became headline news instantly. Morgan himself broken his leg, some ribs and received a major injury to his brain putting him in a come for over a week.

The road to recovery was long and painful for him, but Morgan says he's now physically healed although some pain will be with him always. The damage of course to his brain and sadly the loss of his friend. It's good to see him literally back on his feet here and willing to get comedic again with one of his classic, inappropriate lines! And poses.