This has been in the works since the band started. Shannon filmed everything and kept it to himself and that's why this is so special! No one ever saw this stuff except Shannon. As we recognize the 20th anniversary his passing check out this amazing trailer. 

The 90's brought us and took away from us, some wonderful people in music, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, Jeff Buckley, Brad Nowell of Sublime and Mark Sandman of Morphine to name a few.


One that too many people forget about, I think they do at least, is Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon. This was a band and certainly a man going places with music. The band was just getting into the groove of success. They couldn't really be held to one style. They were like new alt-hippy-stoner-indie-punk-college rock-roots rock... rock. At first you think they're sounding like the Dead or Phish when they debuted with "No Rain", then you see Shannon Hoon hopping around the stage at Woodstock with a dress on and make up and grinding it out, picking up the slack from Perry Farrell.

They were a band and for sure he was a man that we didn't know what to expect next with their music. We absolutely didn't expect what would happen to Shannon when he passed away unexpectedly to a drug overdose 20 years ago today (Oct 21, 1995). Twenty years ago we lost Shannon Hoon. Unreal. It's been twenty years! He was a new dad too. It's awful when you think of him and Kurt and Brad being new fathers then....



As Shannon's passing comes up on a 20 year anniversary, this arrives! Shannon filmed almost everything along the way with Blind Melon. He held his tapes close to himself. This stuff has not been made public before. With some careful editing and final compiling, Shannon's tapes have created a direct account of his life in the early 90's. Watch this trailer and get ready for something very special and sacred to be shared!