Apparently, Aston Kutcher didn't knock it out of the park with his portrayal of the Apple guru. Time for a re-do already?!!  

I guess it was tough for me to see Aston Kutcher not only playing a serious role all together, but specifically Steve Jobs. Let's face it, Aston has quite a bit of Keanu Reeves in him. No matter what role those two play there's a surfer/stoner inside them that just won't go away. Sorry fellas! But hey, to make you feel better it wasn't easy for people to watch James Gandolfini in movies without expecting him to bash someones head in or grab himself while chewing on a meatball sub.

With Steve Jobs though, Kutcher wasn't as bad as I expected him to be. He might have actually been better than the movie itself at times. Looked like him a little bit too.


This go around someone (Legendary Pictures) is aiming to nail it on the head. Well, after a few starting block issues; like who was starring in it and who was directing it.

The first serious version had David Fincher directing Christian Bale as Jobs. Bale supposedly didn't think he was the right person for the part and he.. bailed. So did Fincher. Leonardo DiCaprio was rumored to be next in line, but he decided to take some time off from making films after some recent work he just finished.

Affleck, Damon and Bradley Cooper in the next mix? Really? Isn't that a lazy call? There's so many great actors that we aren't kind of sick of right now that should be considered for things.

Cue Michael Fassbender (Frank, X-Men First Class, Prometheus, Inglorious Bastards). Fassbender is great and probably has the right vibe and demeanor to pull off the intense, passionate, electro-spiritual Jobs. He doesn't exactly look like Jobs much, but you can only tell so much from a short teaser trailer.

Seth Rogan (again, maybe lazily) gets the role of Steve Wozniak along with Kate Winslet and Jeff Daniels in this Aaron Sorkin written account of Steve Jobs around the time of three of his biggest Apple launches. See whatcha think!