Here's another one of those stories that makes you question yet again the stupidity of us here in the United States. Specifically, our neighbors in Massachusetts.  

According to a report by WCBV in Boston about a state ruling; it is legal to secretly photograph under a woman's skirt, aka "upskirting". Yeah, you heard me. I did not type that wrong. Camera, up a woman's skirt, click, legal.

The ruling came down after some loser in life was caught secretly photographing up a woman's skirt on an MTBA train down there in the commonwealth. He is free and clear not only from this case, but to do it again if he pleases.  

Read more here if you're interested in mind blowing legalities. I need to walk away from this now myself cause even typing this right now is annoying the s... out of me.

(click here) "UPSKIRTING"