Not since someone decided to but peanut butter and chocolate together has there been a better combination. Take the arcades you loved as a kid in the 80's and 90's and put a bar in the middle of them. You're an adult now, so it's okay to enjoy an ice cold one while you play Pac-Man. 

Dave Aceto and Ben Culver have a plan to bring a barcade called Arcadia National Bar to Preble Street in Portland. I play in the New England Pinball League with these guys which is how they met. They love video games and beer so much they thought it would be a perfect fit for Portland. I of course think they are right.

They plan to have 10 to 12 pinball machines and 12 to 15 arcade games when they open this summer and knowing these guys they'll want to grow that collection. They'll serve some local New England brews and grilled cheese sandwiches! Grilled cheese, beer and Donkey Kong? I'm in!

They've launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their project off the ground. Watch the video to see what they have planned and donate if you can. Let's get them to their goal and go play doubles! You're buying the first round.