It's Mark getting to fill in for the Throwback bunch for a Friday! Here's some videos of songs I played today during lunch. 


When this album came out people were kinda dumbfounded. The band brought so much energy and conviction, and Colour. They broke down a lot of doors and helped set the stage for everything that was to come in the 90's with rock. Yet, there was nothing like them.


Too much to say about this band and their impact. They still don't get enough household name credit for their place in music.


The Posies are one of the best pop rock songwriting bands over the past 30 years. (So much that they found themselves involved with the recent incarnations of the legendary pop band, Big Star) As the 90's slammed into place the Posies never got their fair share of attention, but they slithered and wove themselves through it all with great records and gems like this one! 


Another band that was buried in the mess of 90's rock and grunge was Australia's Ammonia. Not to knock the band, but their label Epic was obviously trying to put out anything that fell in the Nirvana, Bush, Pearl Jam or Silverchair world. Genre talk aside, Ammonia had some cool tunes on their breakthrough '95 album, Mint 400.  


Not just a local classic, but an all time everywhere classic. Boston's Jonathan Richman and his band the Modern Lovers spliced humor and fun into punk spirited college rock for Beantown and beyond. This tune though, was a bouncey ode to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Oh, side note, The Modern Lovers gave us the drummer for the Cars, David Robinson and Jerry Harrison, bassist for the Talking Heads. Wow! 


In the early to mid 90's, rap exploded and "alternate" styles of rap found it's way into the mainstream of "alternative radio". The Irish sounds of House of Pain, afro-rhythmic sounds of Arrested Development, the Latin smokey sounds of Cypress Hill and the jazzy NYC feel from Digable Planets.


Once I count off Nevermind and Ok Computer and some others, Toad the Wet Sprocket's album FEAR is in the next shelf as one of my favorites of he 90's.