Check out this story and mind blowing info about current music sales! 


People know me, I'm not anti technology or digital just because I'm 84 years old; but I've always loved music. I've loved owning it. With that comes wanting more with my music. I've always collected it since I was a wee little kid, but importantly I've learned and experienced more because of packaging. Where some people today press a button and then instantly own a record, that's consumerism to me. Doesn't mean they really own that record or know about that album. If you did care enough, wouldn't you want the cover and the credits, lyrics, etc? Hey, physical product isn't for everyone I get it and that's fine. I've always felt though, true music fans can't live without it.

(As expected...) From this article above, I'd like to quickly express my disappointment in all the credit they give Urban Outfitters for practically bringing vinyl back. Have they played a part? Seems like they have, sure. I guess. To be honest, I didn't know until I read this article that they sold vinyl. Which would make sense to be in the dark about it because THEY'RE A FRIGGIN' CLOTHING STORE!! Maybe in recent times Urban Outfitters jumped on board and helped introduce vinyl to a younger crowd focused on fashion? Or to those older (but feeling younger) customers trying to re-live something at an inflated price because it's a "hot, hip, trendy" thing!

You know who deserves credit, at least around here? Bull Moose of course, but also small, hole in the wall places that focus on vinyl pretty much exclusively. Places that you wouldn't find if you were lost AND drunk. Our buddy Bob's shop Record Connection up in Waterville. Bob is on the ball and bringing in new punk, alternative, rock, alt country, etc. Or what about Mike's in Sanford?! "Hey brother!" I've been buying records for YEARS at Mike's (and hearing stories about the government and 3000 acid rock bands I should be into). I don't go to Mike's for new stuff, but he has some there. So does Bob. And don't forget Mark down in Dover at SPUN. He takes part in Record Store Day, carries new stuff and specialty items. That's all I can say though, cause I don't want to give up all my spots!

Those folks sell new vinyl. They sell used vinly. They've sold it for a while and THEY are the ones who deserve credit cause they never gave up on it in the first place. And before coffee shops and clothing stores wanted to add music to their game, these guys were trying to get by still waving the flag for the format. They've been doing it longer than clothing stores who wouldn't be if it wasn't the hip thing to do for those looking for cargo pants and earth tone hoodies.

Anyways, aside from the irritation of Urban Outfitters being credited for the vinyl surge, this is essentially cool news to hear. Physical product is still in demand and people are not having the ties cut from them to their passion. Not only is physical product still doing well in 2015, but formats that died off to the masses 25 years ago are returning to mess up the works for the floating music in the digital air. I LOVE THAT!

FEEL your music.