There are places in Maine you can escape to that almost make you feel like you went back in time. If you're looking to get away from the daily routine, visiting these covered bridges in Maine makes for the perfect day trip.

Before modern bridges of today that are made of steel, covered bridges were designed with roofs to protect the wooden structure of the bridge from the elements. Lucky for us, there are still a few of these bridges in Maine still standing or rebuilt to their original specs that you can visit today.

Some are still open to vehicle traffic while others are only open to pedestrians. Some also, unfortunately, are victims to vandals who have taken spray paint cans and left their tags. Still, it's fun to visit these bridges from the past and imagine what it was like when horse drawn carriages and Model T's crossed over the rivers they span, sheltered by the roof above.

Babb's Bridge - Hurricane Road, South Windham


Hemlock Bridge - Hemlock Bridge Road, Fryeburg


Lowes Bridge - Lowes Bridge Road, Guilford-Sangerville


Watson's Settlement Bridge - Littleton


Lovejoy Bridge - Covered Bridge Road, Andover


Sunday River Bridge - Sunday River Road, Newry