In this short, NSFW video, a guy from Maine listens intently as a drunk fan from Cleveland has a very concise message about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 

Hard to put a candy shell around what this drunk Cleveland fan had to say before the Patriots/Browns game this past Sunday. The message seems to be pretty clear, she doesn't like Tom Brady and really loves drinking at 9 a.m.

Todd Fenwick, a resident of Westbrook, traveled to Cleveland to witness the return of the greatest quarterback on Earth and was greeted rather rudely in the parking lot of FirstEnergy Stadium. Decked out in his Tom Brady jersey, Fenwick likely knew he was going to receive some flack.

Welcome in drunk girl with a megaphone. According to Fenwick, his group was tailgating near the group of this lovely young lady. On Facebook, he mentions that she "called me a piece of s**t a bunch of times over the course of three hours". Then, prior to them walking into the game, this 10 second gem took place.

Kudos to Fenwick for keeping his cool and bobbing along to a chant that seemingly no other Cleveland Browns was getting involved in. Just remember, alcohol can make you do funny root for the Cleveland Browns. The Patriots, Brady and Fenwick got the last laugh however, as the Patriots demolished the Browns 33-13. Better luck next time.