Were you in attendance for the amazing Cage The Elephant show at Port City Music Hall back in March of 2010? The band came to town with As Tall As Lions to play their first show in Portland. We were only two singles deep into the debut album at the time. Ain't No Rest For the Wicked was just coming off being a huge debut single and we had just started playing Back Against the Wall. I had no idea what to expect that night. They were unf***ing believable! Energy and stage presence from singer Matt was on point. The whole band sounded so good. The crowd was going nuts, especially when Matt walked through the crowd on the shoulders of the fans. It's been fun to watch this band grow over the years. They went from playing a club to headlining the big room here in Portland!

They stopped by on the afternoon of that show to play a few tunes on the CYY Sound Stage. Here's the video from that day.