For example, pro: It's about much more than drinking. Con: It's about drinking much more. Ponder that one for a minute! Let's be realistic, people are taking the day off from work and couldn't be more excited to start drinking before some local coffee shops even open. People dressed in eccentric green outfits while chugging green beer, drinking Jameson while roaming through the Old Port.

Hey whatever time you make it out for festivities, look for us! It's going to be hard to miss CYY and our sister stations! We’re gonna be celebrating right along with you. Come hang out at any of our 5 spots between 2-4pm and for a shamrockin' opportunity. We might toss you and 3 friends in a limo from our good friends at LA Luxury Limo in Lewiston and bring you down (and back) to the House of Blues in Boston to see the Dropkick Murphy’s! We figured outside of sending you to Ireland, this is probably the coolest place you could be in the US on St. Paddy’s Day. You can qualify at any of our 5 locations (Gritty’s, Pat’s Pizza, Binga’s, Old Port Tavern, Andy's Old Port Pub) but you MUST BE AT GRITTY’S AT 4PM if you want to win! 21+ only.

Here are some pics from last year's Half K!