Jordan Avenue in Brunswick has a railroad bridge crossing over the road that has a history of drivers ignoring the height restriction and low clearance signs. This video shows what happens when one of those drivers decided to go for it and ends up without a roof. 

It happened just after midnight on August 31. The bridge is very well marked with a low clearance sign and the height of the bridge which happens to be 11 feet 5 inches on the sides and 11'3" in the middle.

Google Street View

That didn't stop this driver from trying to drive under the bridge at full speed. As you'd expect the bridge wins.

Brunswick police posted the video saying this is not the first time that this has happened. Maybe that's why there's a camera pointed at the train trestle that is rarely used.

So here's your reminder to check the clearance on overpasses before you try to fit your moving truck under it. Not getting your deposit back will be the least of your worries.