What is left for Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski to do? How about star in a faux movie trailer with supermodel Charlotte McKinney? Check!


Gronk is just crushing this summer right now. Whether it's party busses, Family Feud appearances, starting a music career with David Ortiz or appearing in fake movie trailers with a smoking hot supermodel, Rob Gronkowski has it covered.

"A Gronking To Remember" was an unauthorized erotic novel that suddenly got a lot of attention when it started selling on Amazon during football season. As you'll see throughout this faux trailer, a big part of the action is centered around Rob Gronkowski's famous spike.

FunnyOrDie.com take it up a notch with this movie trailer by actually getting Rob Gronkowski to "Gronk" superstar model Charlotte McKinney. By the way, the frat boy inside me really hopes that Gronk made a new friend from filming this. Enjoy the video and continue wishing, like me, that we were living the Summer of Gronk.