So all the hype that you may have heard about seeing a Muse show? It's true. At least I thought it was. This being the "Drones" tour, appropriately named after the band's latest album (or was the album named after what would become the tour?) featured life size drones surfing over the heads of Muse fans during last night's show.


Our friends from Ithica, NY, X Ambassadors opened the show last night. They sounded great. It was nice to catch up and say hello after their set.

Curdo and Rob with X Ambassadors

Muse are the polite Brits that you would expect. I chatted with Matt a bit about what was supposed to be the Portland show with Muse and My Chemical Romance back in.....2007 maybe? Some bands members and road crew got extremely ill due to salmonella in the food supplied in catering. He luckily wasn't one of the people affected but remembers how horrible it was and mentioned there was no way the show could have happened effectively.

Curdo and Rob with Muse

Almost a two hour set that went by very quickly. Lots of lights, confetti, big sounds and of course DRONES!


Here's some video action from the show!